3D pathology lab, tissue sectioning/straining/digitized imaging London Aaron Fenster
3D pathology lab, research, tissue processing and staining (routine/special/antibody), whole mount sections Toronto Yulia Yerofeyeva
Pathos automated microwave
Microwave Histos 5 Processor
Automated Immunostainer, Dako
Shandon Finesse Electronic Microtome
Macrotome SP2600/ SM2500 Ultramiller, Leica


Mass spectroscopy

Waters LCT Premier MS System London R.H. Hudson
Agilent LC/MS and GC/MS Hamilton John Valliant


Probe characterization

Zetasizer Nano ZS dynamic light scattering based particle sizer London Elizabeth Gillies
Cytometer for sorting ligand bound beads (peptide library) London Len Luyt
HPLC with gamma detectors Hamilton John Valliant
Gamma counter
Biotage microwave
Biotage V10 for rapid evaporation
Biotage SP1 for rapid purication
Advanced ChemTech peptide synthesizer


Probe development

Automated synthesis unit, Modular-Lab Exkert & Ziegler Toronto John Valliant
GMP hot cell Hamilton David Green
50 MW nuclear reactor Hamilton Chris Heysel
RDS 112 cyclotron Hamilton Raman Chirakal
Malvern Nanosizer S (zeta potential and dynamic light scattering system) Toronto Ivan Gorelikov
Misonix Sonicator 3000
Northern Lipids extruder